Temecula-Elsinore-Anza-Murrieta Resource Conservation District
Next Meeting
Thursday, May 13, 2021 4:00 pm
Truax Building
41923 Second Street, Fourth Floor
Temecula, CA 92590

Regular Board Meeting
Thursday, August 13, 2015 4:00 PM
Truax Building
41923 Second Street, Ste. 401
Temecula, Ca 92590
Call to Order-4:00 pm, meeting recorded by Rose Corona
Flag Salute
Roll Call:
Directors: Rose Corona, Danny Martin, Dave Kuhlman
Absent: Pam Nelson, Vicki Long
Associate Directors: Randy Feeney, Rick Neugebauer-Present Dave McElroy-Absent
Counsel: Greg Priamos-Riverside County Counsel
Bob Hewitt-Absent
Public: None
Introduction of Guests: None
Motion to approve Agenda-Motion made by President Martin, Seconded by Director
Corona- Motion approved 3-0 (Martin, Kuhlman, Corona)
2. CONSIDERATION OF APPROVAL OF JULY 2, 2015 MINUTES-President Martin moved to
consider approval of Minutes from regular meeting of July 2, 2015. Director Corona asked to
have e-mails sent from herself to Director Long asking for access to the offices and the files
during the month of June, up to and including the day of the July 2, 2015 meeting to be captured
in the record. President Martin moved to have these e-mails included in the record. Seconded
by Director Kuhlman. Call for approval of minutes of July 2, 2015 to include e-mails submitted
by Director Corona. Motion passed 3-0 (Martin, Corona, Kuhlman)
CONSIDERATION OF TREASURER’S REPORT-President Martin asked if we had a
Treasurer’s report and directed the question to the Office Manager and Associate Director
Randy Feeney. AD Feeney indicated that there was no report since we still did not have access
to all the information. Director Corona indicated it was her understanding that the new officers
still did not have access to the bank accounts yet. President Martin indicated as follows:I will add this. We did not have access to the bank accounts. We still don’t. Vicky Long and
Pam were asked to sign off on them. We did have – Pam Nelson did sign off on the last
minutes when they were termed out in June. We have that but the Wells Fargo account and the
Union Bank regular checking accounts refused to take those without them signing them.”
District Counsel asked if the Resolution passed at the last meeting was not acceptable and
President Martin indicated he had not had time to take it back over to them. District Counsel
Asked to let him know if the resolution did not work.
3. CONSENT CALENDAR-Board has nothing on consent Calendar
4. CORRESPONDENCE – No correspondence. However , President Martin asked for a
Discussion on how correspondence was going to be handled since it appeared that we had
been left with no formal procedures from the former President and/or board. President Martin
asked for input on how the procedure should be implemented. Director Corona suggested that
she would like to see the mail picked up at least weekly, scanned and documented to be
submitted for the packet for the board to review at each meeting. President Martin re-iterated
what he considered Director Corona’s request which was to have all correspondence scanned
and agendized in the next meeting for the board. Director Corona responded in the affirmative if
technologically it could be done. It was agreed that this would be a fairly easy thing to do and
that Office Manager Feeney would pick up the mail and scan it for the meetings.
District Counsel Priamos made a suggestion based on what he has seen boards and
commissions Do in this respect. He suggested that the board make essentially a packet of all
pertinent Information that they board is going to discuss or consider. When the agenda and the
minutes go Out 72 hours in advance to the Board and the Associate directors, this packet would
also be Included for review by board members.
Director Corona was asked by President Martin about a piece of correspondence she had
wanted to address. The correspondence was from the County Tax Collector and a person
named Michele Davis that was dated January 15, 2015. The document asks for information
from the district regarding land that is owned that may be leased. Ms. Corona contacted Ms.
Davis to see if this had been addressed and Ms. Davis indicated that it had not. Director Corona
indicated that she had never seen this issue or correspondence brought before the board and
asked President Martin if he recalled it being brought forward. President Martin indicated it had
not. President Martin also took the opportunity to mention that the tax bills from the Clinton
Keith Property had been found as past due bills and he had been looking for correspondence
regarding any past due bills since the taxes due to penalties was now over $9600.00. No liens
had been filed but President Martin indicated in his research that under Calfornia Law that
although the agency is tax exempt from general levy the EMARCD would not be exempt from
special and direct assessments. The district may have to make arrangements to pay the tax
Discussion returned to protocol for picking up mail and providing information for the board
meetings. President Martin made a motion that on all correspondence that’s pertinent to
general business, that will go into the packet. And all correspondence that would be specific to
an action item, that would be attached to that action item. Director Corona seconded the
motion. Motion passed 3-0 (Martin, Kuhlman, Corona)
4.Item 4C, Discussion of the EMARCD office operations and lease. President Martin had
spoken to the property management company, Falcon Properties, specifically with KatheeSmith.
President Martin wanted to check the most recent status of the lease and Ms. Smith
said that the July payments had been made. Ms. Smith indicated that the next door neighbor
(Farnum Real Estate) was very interested in leasing the office since it would allow them to
expand. President Martin called Scott Farnum and they said they would take the office the next
day if possible. President Martin expressed his opinion as follows:
“ I think that given the history since I've been here since February, I was allowed – and Rose
Corona – was allowed in the office once during five months. We don’t use the office for
anything other than for storage. I think we don’t need that office with the level of revenue that
the Resource Conservation District is bringing in, I think that all we need is a file cabinet and a
computer on a desk somewhere. And I think that we should take this opportunity, since this
lease was actually extended in the April-May period without board approval, and I believe that
we should vote to terminate the lease and allow me to negotiate to turn this lease over to the
next door neighbor. And so my motion would be that we should terminate the lease, No. 1, and
then make arrangements to have files moved and....The hard files – hard copy files and
computers and then make arrangements to have the office furniture sold off or donated to a
charity; whatever is most beneficial. I don't think the office furniture would suit us right now.
Director Corona indicated it was her opinion that the District needed one of the four drawer
Cabinets and President Martin indicated also the computers. Martin mentioned also that he
didn’t feel the District should get into the expense of storing furniture. The subject of the phone
came up and Director Corona suggested Google mail and President Martin suggested a PO
District Counsel Priamos mentioned that Supervisor Jeffries suggested that if the District
decided to terminate the lease he would make his office available to receive mail and take calls
on behalf of the District and to place whatever files and computers at the Lake Elsinore location.
Director Corona mentioned that when she asked about desk space there was none available so
where would the computers go? It was suggested that it might just be a laptop but it would
should check back with the Supervisors office. It was also suggested that the District also
contact Supervisor Washington’s office to see what available space they have. Director
Kuhlman offered up a third option of office space which his wife Margie was offering for free.
There was potentially a third space off of Rancho California Road in Temecula at Better World
President Martin made a motion for the board to terminate the lease, and then the next two
weeks explore the possibilities of moving into Supervisor Jeffries’ office or Chuck Washington’s
office, or finding a third potential optional office. Director Kuhlman seconded. Motion passed 3-0
(Martin, Kuhlman, Corona)
Director Corona asked if the Real Estate people wanted to move in right away, what would be
the protocol to move out since we didn’t have another meeting for a month. President Martin
indicated that we had given him authority to negotiate and said we’d probably have security
deposits and August rent to pay. Director Corona mentioned that she noticed in the bills that at
one time there were triple net discounts and to make sure that Mr. Martin checked with the
landlord about the discount.
District Counsel Priamos suggested that it may be necessary to do an inventory and decide
what had actual value and what did not. District Counsel indicated that if there is nothing of
value, then the board would make a determination to dispose of it or if it had a value, the lawrequires the board to adopt a resolution authorizing the sale of it.
President Martin asked if
there was deminimus value on furniture like $1,000.00? District Counsel indicated that if the
District were talking about thrift store value there would be no value beyond that. President
Martin asked if that would be the threshold (the deminimis) ? District Counsel indicated that
would be acceptable.
4D-Discussion of record retention and Request for information-Tabled
4E: Discussion of Needed Survey, request for proposal, deed restrictions and related Clinton
Keith Property President Martin had a lot of questions for Director Long who was not present. In
particular he was interested in discussing was her request to do a survey on a 75 acre parcel
and placing deed restrictions or an easement on 2.5 acres. Since Director Long was not
present, Board moved on. But Director Long arrives at that moment.
Director Long arrives at 4:22 PM
Discussion continues on item 4E as follows according to transcript:
Danny Vicki, we’re kind of unclear on the survey and the deed restriction and
what we’ve got to do to get this request for a proposal out for the Clinton
Keith property. And you're the expert. You have been on this
property since it was purchased in November, 2009 or ’08 – I think it’s ’09. So
can you elaborate on that, what we need to do?
Vicki: Yes. I had Kerwin go out and get points for us that will satisfy the requirements
that Fish & Game has asked for. So what we need to do, then, is come up with a
proposal – a bid proposal to send out to surveyors to survey. And I think it needs
to include, since we discussed it last time, the corners of the property and also
the deed restriction area so that we know exactly where everything is.
Danny:Okay, now let me ask you this. When the property was purchased, was
there an ALTA survey done for the title policy?
There had to have been, but I didn’t deal with that. Ray did. The board
had Ray do it.
Danny:Because that – and going through the records on that property, and I tried
to go through it, there’s no ALTA survey, which would – that’s an
American Land Title Association survey. That would have a survey with
boundaries, posts on that.
Yeah, with the poles. It’s got poles on it but I'm just not sure. So –
Danny:Well, if it has poles on it, somebody's done a survey on it.
Somebody's done it, but it could have been a long –
Danny:And under California law, that would have been recorded and should have
been recorded.
It could have been a long time ago.Danny:Six years ago.
Could have been a long time ago.
Rick Neugebauer:
Well, it says a survey was done. I've got a copy of the title, here.
Danny:Oh, you do?
Rick: Yeah.
Vicki: So that $98,000, like I told you guys before, is mitigation money that we received
from Cal Fish & Wildlife. And they expect us to place that on that piece of
property. That was the agreement we made with them. So we needed survey
points that they will accept. It’s not that the surveyor can just go figure out where
to do this.
Danny:The $98,000 you're referring to, is that in the Wells Fargo account? Can I
ask you this candidly? Why did they give us that? I don’t understand.
For mitigation. It was for – one of them was for burrowing owl, one of them was
for any kind of – anything that happens in their jurisdiction, they can assign
money to different RCDs or 501s to do mitigation with it; to offset the damage
that’s going to be done. So it was given to us for damage that’s being done to
Fish & Game –
Danny:How did that come to us, though? I'm trying to understand it.
Through Fish & Game.
Danny:I understand it came from Fish & Game but how did we as a district go to
Fish & Game to get – that’s a lot of money, $98,000.
We didn’t go to them. They come to us. They know where we’re at. And I think
we’re past the Fish & Game and the regulatories, right, on the agenda? Or are
we getting to it?
Danny:Yeah, we’re in there.
Okay. Well, so for you to better understand, I've talked to both the regulatory
agency people that I deal with, and they want to come have a meeting with this
board. They would like to do it together and they would like to explain to you
what they want out of this board, how they want to work with you so that you
guys are in the know.
Danny:Who’s the contact person at Fish & Game?
It’s Jeff Brandt. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and send out – I
wanted to bring this up to you guys and talk to you all at the same time. I can’t
be sending emails to all of you, so it’s very difficult to communicate all this stuff
unless I do it at a meeting. So –Dave:
For the purposes of setting an appointment?
Yeah, we need to contact them for purposes of setting a meeting
date. It could be a special meeting but it has to be when most of
the board is gonna be there. It won’t work if Greg’s not there,
you're not there, Danny’s not there.
What about a board meeting?
Well, it’s gonna take a lot of time. They want at least 20 minutes apiece to
do presentations. And then there’s gonna be lots of questions. It could be
a board meeting, if you solely want to make it that.
An agendized item, Mr. President?
Danny:Let me ask you this. Did –
But getting those two together is going to be difficult. They’re busy.
Danny:You're talking Fish & Game and who else?
Army Corps.
Danny:Army Corps.
We have our easements with Army Corps, and then we have our
mitigation with Cal Fish & Wildlife.
Danny:On the Clinton Keith property?
No, we have our easements – that you have –
Danny:Adeline and –
Adeline and Greer Ranch.
Danny:Greer Ranch. But specifically I was asking about the $98,000 for the
Clinton Keith. And that’s mitigation money?
Danny:And that’s for Fish & Game?
Danny:And the Fish & Game is the government agency that donated that money?
They’re state. No. Developers donated.
Danny:Developers –Vicki:
Developers have to pay for any time they hit a stream in the jurisdiction of
– this is why it’s so important they come and talk to you so that you
understand their jurisdictional boundaries, you can ask them questions
and fully understand what they expect.
Danny:How long has the $98,000 been on the books?
Since 2000 and I think 6. Some of it.
Danny:And have we spent any of that money on anything?
We can’t spend it. We’re being asked to do a set aside of $90,000 for an
endowment and get the survey done. So we can have $8,000 of it to do the
survey and get all that pulled together. And then the $90,000 – just like our other
endowments. That’s why we haven’t moved it anywhere, because we need to
get our work done first. And then they’ve asked us to set aside the $90,000 to
maintain in case there’s weeds in there. We’re going to need to go and take
those weeds out. You know, there’s things that are non natives like Russian
thistle and different things that will come in there. And they want it maintained as
pristine as it can be.
So what I suggest is that you – I don't know who we need to designate
somebody to set this up in the near future. And I'm just going to warn you
it’s hard –
Rick N:I can work on that with Danny if you want me to.
– hard to do.
Danny:The other issue on this property, going through the files we found past
due tax bills for special districts and – special assessments and direct
assessments. What’s going on with that development
Vicki: We’re exempt. And before we went back in – Ray went back in –they were supposed to
make us exempt and they kept sending tax bills. And we are exempt and have been exempt.
We don’t pay taxes. We don’t pay property taxes, we don’t pay income tax. We’re a
government agency so we don’t pay that.
Danny:I believe under California law – and maybe Greg can correct me on this –
Vicki: Well, let me stop you. Because we kept getting those damn tax bills – pardon me on the
recorder – but because we kept getting those, and Ray said, “No, I've checked; you're exempt.”
And I said, “Well, we keep getting these tax bills.” And I kept them because they’re a good
record of the property. But I went into the County Recorder and I pulled information from them
and made them verify that we’re tax exempt. We’re on the books as tax exempt. And then we
finally stopped getting the tax bills.Danny:Mike maybe clarified this for me –
It took awhile but they’re –
Danny:My understanding, and being a real estate analyst, that when you're a
nonprofit or a church or anything like that – special district – you are
exempt, but you're only exempt to the extent of the general levy and not
the special assessments and direct assessments. And that’s what
appears that we’re being assessed for. Because we have back taxes
owed of over $9,000.
Yeah, but we – like I said, I went in there, Ray went in there again and
they took us off the books, finally. We are not to be taxed on any of this.
Danny:Is there any correspondence from the tax collector?
No, but you can go in there and check the records again if you want to
spend the time to do that.
Danny:But they wouldn’t have given you a letter that said you're tax exempt?
They showed me what they had. No, they don’t give you that. They just t
ake you off the tax roll. So they had me go through the microfiche and
see that we were off the tax rolls.
Danny:I'll ask Greg as counsel. Do you recommend that we go to the tax
collector and try to verify this?
My office can verify it.
Danny:Can you do that for us? Okay.
Yeah, it won’t take much. Just go to the Recorder’s office. I mean it’s just
more work for you to do but if you want to make sure. But yeah. It took us
awhile for them to stop sending them. And what they explained to me is
once you get in the system, they will still send those even though you're
exempt. So I said –
Danny:Greg, if we could, I'd like to have a letter from the Tax Collector saying that
we’re exempt.
Greg :
And that there’s no outstanding balance.
Danny:And no outstanding due. Because we did find a bill and if you go – I went
on the website and it showed that there’s past due taxes.
Dave K:
We’ve had a lot of discussion about the developer’s donation, the
coordination with Fish & Game, the dollar amount, the requirements. Is
this memorialized any place in terms of all the piece parts and what’s
required?Vicki: No, not really.
Dave K: So it was all verbal discussion?
Vicki: Yeah. We had meetings with Cal Fish & Wildlife.
Dave K: So they gave us $98,000 on a verbal discussion?
Well, there are some things in the office. That may not make sense to
you, but there are some emails in there and that’s about it. The way they
used to do this – and now they do more, but they used to just send emails.
And if Cal Fish & Wildlife wants the developer to do a certain thing, it’s
required from them and then we get emails from them.
Dave K:
But there’s no actual agreement between the state and the RCD that
would be executed, setting up the terms?
Vicki: No, they didn’t do that.
Dave K: I'm just surprised the developer gave us $98,000 without any –
Vicki: It’s not one developer; it’s multiples.
Rick : One or multiple?
Vicki: It’s not one, it’s –
Just say what they’re getting for their money.
It’d be a 1601, 1604, 404 agreements; those are all in writing. So I don't
know why there wouldn’t be one someplace either between the developer
and the agency.
There probably is with the agency. We don’t have all of that.
Greg P:
I guess those will be questions when they come meet with us and we can
get answers.” (End transcription of this conversation)
Director Kuhlman asked if we couldn’t set two dates and ask the agencies to pick what would
work for them. District Counsel suggested the District give them the next three dates of regular
4F: Discussion of how the District works with SAWA- President Martin wanted Director long to
explain how we work with SAWA, what we’re doing with them and how it benefits the District.
Following is transcription from this part of meeting:Vicki:
“Okay. We are a member of SAWA. It’s a 501C3. And it has nothing to
do with anything but being a nonprofit. It’s not a state organization, it’s not
affiliated with the county; it’s not affiliated with any other –
Danny:What do they do for us and what do we do for them?
They pay us money, for one thing. That’s where we get most of our
money. And that’s a stipend –
Danny:Why do they pay us?
Rick :
Because I insist on it. But we have set up a stipend for the member
agencies to go to meetings. We have lots of meetings that we go to. We
have policy meetings, we have regular meetings. And as a member of
SAWA, we have an MOU with them so that they can come and help us do
mitigation – our weed abatement and things.
So you have a copy of that MOU?
Danny:We have that.
It’s in their box.
Danny:The weed abatement that would be in their district, like over on the west
side of the Elisinore.
We can use them wherever we want. However, I've been utilizing the MOU with
our CRCD because they’re closer and it’s easier to do. They’re more specific on
what I've needed them to do so we’ve been using that.
Danny:And what’s the stipend?
The stipend is money that you get for attending meetings. The amount of
the stipend?
Danny:The amount.
Well, because I'm president of the board right now, we get $1875.
Danny:That’s what comes through our district?
Vicki: Yeah.
Danny: That’s not personal?
Vicky: No. I can’t receive – like I said –
Rick: $1875.00?
Vicki: Yeah.Danny: A month?
Vicki: A month.
Vicky: Then when I'm not president, it reverts to $1500 a month. And that’s decided by
the board of SAWA. And SAWA is made up of Orange County Water District and
four RCDs: our RCD, Riverside Corona, San Jacinto, and Inland Empire.
Dave: That’s a stipend for meeting attendance? Okay.
Vicko: So they pay the district for my time. And that went down. We were getting
$2166 but SAWA’s got some monetary issues going on so we have reduced it –
Danny: What is the term of that agreement? For the stipend for our district.
Vicki: For our district?
Danny: For planning.
Vicki: It’s yearly when we do our budget, how much we’re gonna get on our stipend.
Danny: So that would be July 1st to June 30th?
Vicky: No. They’re on a yearly basis. They’re on a calendar year. And then what
we’ve done – I brought this for you since that was on the agenda. Last year, per
bylaws of SAWA, we have to vote on who’s going to be the representative for a
period of three years. And so we did that last October, and we appointed me as
representation for the district. So I brought you a copy of that. So we actually
put that on the agenda and voted for it. And then we went to SAWA and that’s in
their files.
Rick N: May I see?
Vicki: Sure.
Danny: And that was 2014?
Vicki: Yeah. I think it was 2014. Was it last September?
Greg P: The SAWA website is showing Kerwin Russell as chair and you as secretary.
VickI: Yeah, but that’s not correct.
Greg P: That’s not correct here?
Vicki: No. I've been president since last September.
Greg P: There website’s way out of date.Vicky: Well, they’re a 501. They don’t have all the laws that we have. They do follow
the Brown Act for all their meetings because we’re all governmental.
Danny: Is this agendized?
Vicki: Was it agendized? Yes.
Danny: In our agenda?
Vicki: In your agendas, yeah.
Danny: And that would have been out at the October meeting?
Vicky: If it says it was October, then it was October.
Danny: Okay. Because it says this was – at the regularly scheduled meeting of the
Elsinore Murietta Anza Resource Conservation District on October 3, 2014,
Vicky Long was appointed to represent the district on all matters pertaining to
SAWA for a three year period ending September, 2017. Signed sincerely,
Pamela Nelson, Board Secretary.
Vicky: So what SAWA does is SAWA was created – well, in around 1997 to ’99. And
they had a rundoe in the Santa Anna River. So they were created out of the
districts that – there was funding that was coming in from Army Corps, and it was
going to Orange County Water District. And it was conflict of interest for them to
be holding that because they were the ones doing mitigation. So they created a
501C3, and that 501C3 would do the work with the RCDs doing the removal and
And so they had a lot of Army Corps money and a lot of Cal Fish & Wildlife
money, and a lot of Orange County Water District money for mitigation. So it’s all
about the Santa Anna Watershed. And the Santa Anna Watershed starts in Bear
Creek, ends up at the ocean and includes Elsinore. So that’s why we’re involved
in it.” (End transcription at this point in meeting)
OLD BUSINESS- Approval of March and April Minutes. President Martin moved to approve
those minutes. Director Corona asked to add e-mail communication from herself
to Director Long for that time period to the minutes and Director Corona wanted
them captured in the minutes. Copies of e-mails were made available to all
attending meeting. President Martin asked if they were additions to the minutes.
Director Corona said that yes they were for the record for the public. President
Martin asked Director Long to review since these were e-mails addressed to her.
Director Long indicated that she would have to go back through her e-mails to
make sure the e-mails were accurate and indicated she was not sure why they
needed to be added to the minutes. Director Corona indicated that it was
because she had requested for information and wanted the e-mails included in
the record for the public to review the back and forth conversation.
The transcript continues as follows:Vicky: Which brings me to my information that I haven’t received yet; copies of the –
Danny: That’s not on the agenda right now.
Vicky: Well, okay. I mean I hate to have to go to the other people to try and get this. I
guess I'll send it to Greg from now on; my requests, directly to him and cc to the
attorney general’s office.
Danny: To the attorney general’s office? Or town council?
Vicky: That’s who we deal with. That’s our real attorney. And –
Danny: I'm going to make a motion to approve these as is and submit it to the minutes.
Rose: I second the motion.
Danny: All in favor?
Dave K: Aye.
Rose: Aye.
Danny: Aye. Ayes have it.
Vicky: Wait a minute. You weren’t at these meetings. You can’t vote on this.
Greg P: He can, too.
Vicki: No, he can’t.
Greg P: Yes, he can.
Rose: Yes, he can.
Vicki: Can he vote on it?
Greg P: Yes, he can.
Vicki: When he’s not at the meeting?
Greg P: Yes. That’s a myth. That is a legal myth. All he’s doing is voting to approve
minutes. That’s what he’s doing.
Dave: To be included.
Vicki: That he’s not privy to or not knowledgeable of?
Danny: He’s a board member.
Greg P: He’s a board member.Vicki: He was not knowledgeable of this information.
Greg P: It doesn’t matter.
Danny: Vicky, let’s move onto the next item. Let’s go the approval of the March –
Vicki: Okay, well I haven’t voted yet, and I'm going to vote no. Did you add all this stuff,
Danny: Yeah, it passed.
Vicki: I object to that. I have not had time to review these.
Danny: Okay. Secretary will show that she objected to that, and put that in the minutes.
Dave K: Yes. “ (end direct transcription at this point in meeting)
March and April Minutes approved 3-1(Martin, Corona, Kuhlman-yes Long- no)
Approval of March, April and May financials. –Discussion.
Director Corona indicated that she didn’t have any information because she still didn’t have
access to the accounting information. President Martin made a motion to table until September
meeting. Director Kuhlman seconded. Call to vote-Passed unanimously 4-0.
NEW BUSINESS- Discussion of open meetings, law and conflicts-
President Martin mentioned to District Counsel that he was the understanding the Dave McElroy
was the person who District Counsel wanted to go over this with but he was not present at this
meeting so it was decided to move it to the September meeting.
Discussion of existing future mitigation contracts, the easements and land bank options and
Opportunities. Tabled until board can arrange meetings or presentations from Fish and Game
and Army Corps of Engineers.
AGENCY REPORTS-Bob Hewitt is absent
DIRECTOR REPORTS: President Martin said that Pam Nelson and Dave McElroy were not
present but there were two items he wished to bring to the attention of the board. Dave McElroy
is on the ad hoc committee per the merger and put together a very good report. President
Martin said he would send this report around. And Pam Nelson had done a nice report he felt
was really worth reading and he’d e-mail everyone on those.
District Counsel Report: District Counsel mentioned that the District asked his department to
research the law related to California Fish and Wildlife due diligence requirements for mitigationendowments and he would have that for the district at the next meeting and they have prepared
a research memorandum.
Secondary issue is that has been brought to District Counsel’s attention is that District Counsel
needs to verify with Director Nelson that she may have been de-designated as a member of the
board. District Counsel explained that it was his understanding that Director Nelson had been
de-designated but he needed to verify that with her and if he was de-designated she would no
longer be eligible to serve, and that a vacancy has been created. District Counsel was just
advising the board that he still had to do more researching on that issue.
Associate Director Reports – Rick Neugebauer-none
Associate Director Feeney- Director Feeney acknowledged that there were bills to pay and that
District Counsel indicated that the board needed to approve the dollar amounts and payees to
approve the payments.
Director Feeney read the bills and payees as follows:
Falcon Square Properties $744.00
Riverside County Office of the Controller $62.78
Verizon: $121.18
Edison: $39.58
President Martin made a motion that the board authorize him to sign checks when he recieved
authorization from the banks and pay these bills for the business. Seconded by Director Corona.
Call for vote. Motion passed 4-0.(Martin, Kuhlman, Corona, Long)
Director Long asked what the problem was with the bank accounts. President Martin explained
that even with the resolution the banks would not put the new officers on until the former officers
put the new officers on and took themselves off. President Martin asked Long for her
assistance in getting this completed.
FIRE SAFE COUNCIL – Vicki Long – no report
President Martin made a motion to adjourn. Director Corona Seconded. Call for vote- Passed
Meeting adjourned at 4:55pm