Temecula-Elsinore-Anza-Murrieta Resource Conservation District
Next Meeting
Thursday, May 13, 2021 4:00 pm
Truax Building
41923 Second Street, Fourth Floor
Temecula, CA 92590

Special Board Meeting
Thursday, August 25, 2015 4:00 PM
Truax Building
41923 Second Street, Ste. 401
Temecula, Ca 92590
Call to Order-4:00 pm, meeting recorded by Rose Corona
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call:
Directors: Rose Corona, Danny Martin, Dave Kuhlman
Absent: Pam Nelson, Vicki Long
Associate Directors: Randy Feeney, Rick Neugebauer, and Dave McElroy-Absent
Counsel: Greg Priamos-Riverside County Counsel
Deputy Counsel: Melissa Cushman
Public: Ray Johnson
Introduction of Guests: None
Motion to approve Agenda-Motion made by President Martin, Seconded by Director Corona-
Motion approved 3-0 (Martin, Kuhlman, Corona,)
Director Long arrived at 4:02 pm
Item 1-Review the Request for proposal for annual audits and a selection of an auditor
President Martin asked for a review of the requests for proposal for the annual audits
and to make a selection of an auditor. Following is transcription of discussion:
Rose Corona: Okay, before we go any further I have to recuse myself. One of the
bids is from a company that apparently my family uses and that’s
Nigro and Nigro, so I got to excuse myself from the meeting.
Danny Martin: You don’t have to excuse yourself from the meeting.
Greg Priamos: During the discussions she does.Danny Martin: Okay.
Dave Kuhlman: Very well.
Danny Martin: Okay. Well we had some bids, one of course was from Nigro and
Nigro for $3500. Cox Valdez emailed me last week and they – we
had a $5500 bid from them and they – I requested that they send
an updated bid to do the work for us and Diane, one of the partners
in the firm said that they don’t have time to do it. I believe there
was another firm that Rose Corona contacted and they never got
back to her and I’ve got two others that I contacted that didn’t get
back to me. So, basically on the table what we have is the low bid
which is Nigro and Nigro at $3500 and that’s what we have.
Vickie Long: I still have an issue with them doing our books. I don’t think that is
kosher for them to be doing our audits.
Danny Martin: Kosher?
Vickie Long: Yeah, kosher.
Danny Martin: In what sense?
Vickie Long: For lack of a better word, they did our books, they’ve done our
books before as CPAs and so for me it’s uncomfortable because
you never know what they’re going to have to go back and review.
Dave Kuhlman: So?
Vickie Long: So, I’m not comfortable having Nigro and Nigro, I don’t –
Danny Martin: They’re not doing our books currently.
Vickie Long: Yeah, I know they’re not, doesn’t mean anything in an audit. So, I
don’t know what was said to Diane Silverman but the last time I
talked to her she was willing to do the audit.
Danny Martin: What she explained to me is they lost a person, an auditor and so
they’re understaffed. That’s how she explained it to me in a
telephone conversation last week and she told me that they
specialized in doing these types of events and – not events but this
special districts and she said they were unavailable to do it. So, we
have today – we have requested bids from several people. So, I
need two people that have done it before – one’s declined, one has
said they would do it and two others never responded to us.We have to get this done, it has to be done and it has to be done in
a short order so, I would move that we accept the Nigro and Nigro
bid at $3500 and take it from there. Do I hear a second?
Dave Kuhlman: Yep, I’ll second that.
Vicki Long: And then I want to have discussion after the second –
Danny Martin: Any further discussion?
Vickie Long: Yeah, I would like to contact Diane and see if they’ll do it.
Danny Martin: She –Vicki, you’re not listening to –
Vicki Long: I heard everything you said Danny, at this point I would want to
contact her and see if they’re willing to do it still. I think that –were
that what transpired when they had a letter of agreement and
started work on the audit and –
Danny Martin: They did not start to work on the audit.
Vicki Long: They did. They sent me – when I was still President – letters to the
banks and so they did get started.
Danny Martin: She told me she didn’t do any work and received no information
Vicki Long: Right, I would not allow –
Danny Martin: Let me [inaudible] [00:05:42] I’m just reporting the news Vicki...
Vicki Long: Well...your rendition of it. Anyway –
Dave Kuhlman: What does that mean?
Vicki Long: Well, what does that word mean to you? I’m not going to sit here
and argue with you. Anyway, I would like to contact her and see if
she would still do it. They did a very good job on our audit, they
worked very well with our CPA last year and I think if I contact her,
she may do it still. I think it was the way it was handled when I had
to say they’re going out for bid. I had to let her know that we were
going bid as a board and so that kind of slaps people in the face
when you do that. They think that you got a letter of engagement.Danny Martin: Well actually, there was a letter of engagement that was never
approved by this board.
Vicki Long: I understand that but the board before had –
Danny Martin: No, no, no I’m talking about the board right now. There was no
discussion. It was never agendized at this Board and it was sent
out to them and it came back, okay? And so that’s why we decided
to go get a better bid to save money...possibly, potentially and
that’s what we did and they declined. So I move to end discussion.
Do I have a second?
Dave Kuhlman: I’ll second that.
Danny Martin: Okay. The motion’s on the floor to approve Nigro and Nigro, all in
Male Speaker: Aye
Danny Martin: Aye
Vicki Long: No
Danny Martin: Aye’s have it. You can call Rose back in.
Greg Priamos: Okay.
Ray Johnson: Just approved something with two people on a five person board?
Danny Martin: Pardon?
Ray Johnson: You just approved something with two people out of a five person
Danny Martin: It was a quorum.” (End transcription at the point in the meeting)
Motion passed 2-1 (Martin and Kuhlman-yes; Long-no)
Item 2- SAWA Representation on behalf of the District
President Martin opened the floor for discussion. Director Nelson arrived during this
discussion but it is not known exactly what time she arrived. Following is the
transcription from the meeting at this point:Dave Kuhlman: Well seems like we’ve had a representative office for quite some
time and Vicki here, do you think it might be time to try something
Danny Martin: I think Vicki should explain the SAWA representation and what she
does with the district.
Vicki Long: Well, at our last meeting, which this is kind of a redo of our last
meeting, I brought you a letter stating that the Board at the time last
year – our SAWA bylaws say that we have a representative for
three years and so the term had run out, so they elected me as
representative for a three year term, so I gave you a copy of that
letter. One of the things that I’m concerned about is first of all,
you’re not saying what kind of action you’re going to take. It
doesn’t say you’re going to replace me and put a new person on.
It says SAWA representation on behalf of the district, what does
that mean? I mean it’s just a discussion, so now we’re talking I
guess from Dave Kuhlman’s point of view that we’ve had me there
long enough. SAWA is not that easy to become a member of and
understand what’s going on. It’s very complex and I have a very
good rapport with the SAWA Board and with the SAWA executive
Just putting a new person on there won’t be a good representation
for this Board and it won’t be for good for SAWA. We’re involved in
a lot of very complex things right now. A two year audit that we’ve
been going through and so it’s not like just walking in –
Danny Martin: I’m sure.
Vicki Long: Yeah.
Danny Martin: I’m sure it’s not just like walking in. I want to ask you a question.
Last week we wanted to discuss – I brought that point up – to
discuss what our relationship with SAWA is. I didn’t ask you to
bring in a letter, which incidentally in all the information we never
found that – I never found that letter in the office in print form or on
the computer. I’m just wondering where that letter came from?
Why wasn’t it in the district records?
Vicki Long: Well, I got that letter from SAWA so I had that in my files at home.
Danny Martin: No, no, that was a letter written and signed by Pam Nelson –
[Crosstalk]Vicki Long: I also had a copy from SAWA –
Danny Martin: Yeah but I want to ask the question – why wasn’t that in the district
Vicki Long: Probably because I had it in my SAWA file at home.
Danny Martin: Well, don’t you think that would be a critical piece of information on
the district level?
Vicki Long: That’s why I brought it at the last board meeting.
Danny Martin: The question was why wasn’t it in the district files?
Vicki Long: Well, all those district files came out of my house. I made all those
files, so –
Danny Martin: The stuff at the district office?
Vicki Long: Yeah.
Danny Martin: You made them at your home?
Vicki Long: That’s right. I made them ongoing since 2007. We had no files in
there. I created them.
Danny Martin: Well, that letter was dated 2014.
Vicki Long: That’s right and was voted on by the Board. Did you go back and
read the minutes?
Danny Martin: Yeah, I read the – I just found that minutes in the October minutes.
It didn’t say anything about terms or anything like that and we didn’t
find a letter on the computer, in the hard files, in the office and I
think that would be a critical thing to have in the office.
Vicki Long: I think that’s why is because I had the file at home on SAWA and I
still have copies of things at home from SAWA, so and I have
things on my computer from SAWA. That doesn’t go to the point of
the fact as – what is the action that we have on the agenda to
Danny Martin: It’s an action for our representation on SAWA from this Board.
Vicki Long: To discuss or replace?Danny Martin: It’s an all-inclusive.
Vicki Long: Mmm...not to me, I didn’t know what you were going to be talking
about today. Is it under discussion like you had last meeting?
Danny Martin: Actually Vicki, I did talk with Hugh Wood this week and he –
because I was asking him questions about SAWA and I wanted to
introduce myself and he had informed me that you had spoken with
him and I think you know where that conversation went. So,
anyway Vicki – no, we’re talking about representation on behalf of
our district and what would be best for us moving forward. That’s
why it was brought to the agenda.
Vicki Long: Yes, I spoke with Hugh also, you spoke with him on Monday, is that
Danny Martin: Yes.
Vicki Long: Last Monday?
Danny Martin: Mm-hmm.
Vicki Long: He told me that you did and he told me about your conversation
and about what you talked about and he was very concerned. He
wanted to know why this was on the agenda.
Danny Martin: You must have brought that to his attention because I did not bring
that to his attention.
Vicki Long: No, they look at our agendas. They look at our agendas, a lot of
the districts look at our agendas. So, he was very concerned. He’s
not the only one at SAWA that’s concerned. They have a lot of
complex things they’re working on. They need to get their business
taken care of.
So, I think that what you might want to do, which would be prudent
is have a representative that’s an associate director – not an
associate director but one that comes to learn about SAWA before
you replace me. [inaudible] [00:14:00] vote on the issues that
they’re voting on. An alternate. Otherwise, you’re going to affect
SAWA’s business.Danny Martin: We’re going to affect SAWA’s business? We don’t even know how
SAWA affects our business.
Vicki Long: Well, then why would you take me off of there if you don’t
understand it?
Danny Martin: Lack of disclosure.
Vicki Long: Well, if you want information on SAWA I will give you all the
information on SAWA. You’ve been quite busy trying to figure out
how to run this district.
Danny Martin: Exactly.
Vicki Long: So, if you can’t run this district, how can you make good decisions
on something that you have no idea about?
Danny Martin: We’re figuring it out.
Vicki Long: Well, you can figure it out but that doesn’t help that group of people
on that 501 do their business. Right?
Danny Martin: Let me ask you this, have you helped this group since June do its
Vicki Long: Yes, I have.
Danny Martin: You have?
Vicki Long: Right.
Danny Martin: In the six, seven months I’ve been here –
Vicki Long: In July I turned over everything I could possibly give to you in the
way of information and only because of your harassment
continually and never giving you enough information when I spent
$3000 of my personal money to make copies for you people. I
think I gave you a lot of information. You had so much information,
you couldn’t find it.
Danny Martin: That’s interesting that you’d bring up the point of $3000 because I
believe two months ago you said it was $1800. Which one is it?Vicki Long: Well, with the packets that I gave you, the books that I gave you,
that information adds up to more than $3000. My personal money
to give you information to be able to run this district. So, you think I
haven’t helped at all?
Danny Martin: No.
Vicki Long: I was running the district for you until I quit on July 2 nd and then
what happened after that?
Rose Corona: You quit?
Vicki Long: I quit my office position for you to be able to pick another –
And after that you had no discussion with what you needed, you
were just in there figuring out what we needed to do.
Danny Martin: That’s an interesting perspective.
Vicki Long: Well, it’s my perspective. You can have whatever perspective you
have. I know what I did and I know what I gave you for this Board
to be up to speed. I got Greg Priamos to come and train you. You
didn’t do that. Rose didn’t do that. So, that you would understand
how to be a board member and not be in conflict. So, I think I’ve
done a lot for you to get you up to speed.
Danny Martin: I’m going to call for an end to discussion.
Rose Corona: I’ll second.
Danny Martin: I’m going to make that up. I’m going to move to replace Vicki Long
as our SAWA representative.
Dave Kuhlman: I’ll second that motion.
Danny Martin: Further discussion?
Pam Nelson: Well, I would like – I don’t know if you discussed this yet but I would
really recommend someone going to the SAWA meetings with her
and it’s complicated and has a lot of ins and outs with all the
different agencies and participate on the board. So, that would be
really difficult just to...boom, step in as a new person. I could see
maybe pointing out the alternate that would go along with her for a
few months.Danny Martin: I understand the difficulty coming in to a board because of the
difficulty I had personally coming here since February.
Pam Nelson: And particularly SAWA where there’s a bunch of different agencies
and entities that participate on the board, they’re not coming from
the same place.
Danny Martin: Oh, I’m sure.
Pam Nelson: Yeah, so it would be in my opinion because I went there first and
before Vicki that it would be very good to have someone go along
and understand the roles. That’s my recommendation.
Danny Martin: Further discussion? Call for a vote. All in favor of the motion say
Dave Kuhlman: Aye.
Rose Corona: Aye.
Danny Martin: All opposed?
Pam Nelson: No.
Danny Martin: Aye’s have it.
Vicki Long: I’m a no also.”
Motion passed 3-2 (Martin, Corona, Kuhlman-yes; Nelson and Long-No
The meeting continued to address a possible alternate person to attend for the
upcoming meeting. Transcript continues from this point:
Vicki Long: I’d like to know who’s going instead of myself. There’s a SAWA
meeting on Thursday morning. It’s an important meeting to be in.
Danny Martin: I will probably attend as the alternate for this time.
Vicki Long: Well then who is the person who that’s the representative?
Pam Nelson: I think I am the alternate, am I?
Vicki Long: You were the alternate.
[Crosstalk]Danny Martin: We’ll put that on the next agenda to appoint somebody.
Pam Nelson: So no one will go?
Danny Martin: I’ll go Thursday.
Vicki Long: I think that should be a vote of the board to put you on SAWA.
Pam Nelson: Oh yeah.
Danny Martin: I’m not going to be a SAWA representative.
Vicki Long: But to put you on as an alternate, I think the board should make
that decision. You can’t just do it as a President. It needs to be in
the minutes that you’re going to be representing this board at the
SAWA meeting on Thursday morning.
Danny Martin: Is that a motion?
Vicki Long: No.
Dave Kuhlman: Sounded like a motion to me.
Rose Corona: I’ll make a motion that Danny Martin attends the SAWA meeting
Thursday morning the 27 th – August 27 th . Is today the 24 th ?
Danny Martin: Yes.
Pam Nelson: 27 th at what time is this meeting?
Danny Martin: 9:00
Rose Corona: It’s at 9:00, as the alternate for this particular meeting.
Danny Martin: Have a second.
Male Speaker: I’ll second the motion.
Danny Martin: Call for discussion?
Pam Nelson: I still would recommend that Vicki attend; they’re going to have a lot
of questions.
Danny Martin: Absolutely.Pam Nelson: So would she be representing the Board or how will that work?
Danny Martin: We will be there without representation or she can represent the
Board for one last time there. I have no problem with that.
Vickie Long: I think you need to clean up what you guys just did. If you want me
to represent you on the 27 th and introduce you as the alternate or
whomever you want, then that would be the appropriate way to do
that for SAWA and this Board. Instead of just taking me off,
somebody go in there that doesn’t know what’s going on, I’m telling
you it will, really drastically affect them.
Danny Martin: I don’t want to affect them.
Rose Corona: So, do I have to alter my motion, is that –
Danny Martin: Yeah.
Rose Corona: Okay, so I amend the motion to read that Vickie Long represent us
on Thursday August – I’ve still got the wrong month. August 27 th ,
9:00 AM at the SAWA as the alternate – is that how that goes?
Danny Martin: No, she’ll be the representative and I’ll be the alternate.
Rose Corona: The representative and introduce Danny as the alternate –
Danny Martin: I’ll second that. Call for vote. All in favor say Aye.
All: Aye.
Motion Passed : 5-0 All in favor
Associate Director Neugebauer arrives for meeting somewhere during the following
Item Discussion.
Item 3-Discussion on the EMARCD office lease termination process, disposition
of furniture, record storage location, office desk/computer location, and mailing
(Transcript ContinuesDanny Martin:
“The next door neighbor is going to take over the lease, which is
very beneficial to us because we can get out of the lease without
paying penalties. They want to take over the lease tomorrow, if not
by the end of the month and then we can get our security deposits
back and what not. They’ve made an offer to us to purchase the
office furniture, not the equipment and we have of course – that’s a
Board issue. They’ve offered us a $1000 and we could, as a
Board, take that furniture and put it in a storage facility, we could try
to sell it on Craigslist out of the office.
My feeling is where we’re at right now, that office hasn’t served this
Board any purpose for years because we haven’t had a district
manager to run the place because of funds. So, my feeling is if this
gentleman – he’s Scott Farnam he owns the real estate office next
door. I would just assume let him keep that, we would keep all the
equipment and a couple of file cabinets. I don’t know if – Vickie do
you have any personal items in there that you own personally,
pictures, lamps, anything like that?
Vicki Long: Well, I would like you to keep that map. If you don’t want the map
in there?
Danny Martin: Oh, we’ll keep the map.
Rose Corona: Definitely keep the map.
Danny Martin: Absolutely, absolutely. We’ll keep all that. So, that’s sort of where
it’s at. I think moving in it, putting it in storage, you know – moving
is going to cost money – storage, I don’t know how much that will
cost a month. $50 to $100 a month and are we ever going to use it
again? I don’t know.
Vicki Long: Well, that’s the concern. You aren’t going to have money to buy
furniture again probably. You could probably get furniture donated
but –
Rose: So you don’t know what future boards are going to do...
Danny Martin:
I want to tell you something about storing furniture. I stored
furniture for two years before I gave it away – office furniture, so I
mean there’s a very small market for that kind of stuff and it’s
smaller when you have to sell it. It’s really good if you’re going to
buy it but when we sell it – so, I would ask that we go ahead and if
this guy wants to pay $1000 for it, let him buy that and –Vicki Long: I think you need to talk to you auditor too to find out – that’s in our
audits and I don’t know how they’ve ended up depreciating it and
things, I think you need to make sure you talk to the auditor.
Danny Martin: It would a depreciable asset for a non-profit special district.
Vicki Long: Well, we’re not a group district.
Danny Martin: Yeah, it would be depreciable property. It’s just there and actually
from last time I checked when I was reading through the audits, it
doesn’t even show up on the balance sheet. “ (End transcript at this
point in the meeting)
Director Nelson asked if the board had voted to terminate the lease since she had not
attended the last meeting. She was told yes. She wanted to add that she felt that
having an office was beneficial since it made it easy to have a place to review records
especially for the auditor. She wanted to know going forward how without the office and
access to records would be addressed in the future. The discussion moved on to
records storage and location. Director Corona spoke regarding the records that exist
and how much storage space would be needed and how many files to store that
information were necessary. She indicated that Mr. Kuhlman had offered a space for
storage for free that was available locally located in his wife’s office. She also indicated
that the informational and educational brochures and literature could be kept in
Supervisor Jeffries office who had offered a four drawer cabinet and a storage location
for bigger things such as maps and pictures. Director Corona continued to say that the
cabinet at Supervisor Jeffries office could be used for public information such as
brochures or leaflets from our organization but not for any records that were to be kept
under lock and key. Those would all be kept locally at Mrs. Kuhlman’s office which also
has a couple of desks or areas for a work space to keep a computer or if anyone
wanted to meet with the public or professional individuals or organizations. Also, with
three officers in the immediate vicinity, it would be easier to meet with anyone who had
informational requests on a more timely and convenient manner. The office manager
would be able to work and file and put things in order as well. Director Kuhlman
indicated that there was no cost to the office space.
Discussion moved on to mailing address issues. The discussion was to decide whether
to have a mailbox or to use the offered District office location of Supervisor Jeffries for
mail delivery. Director Corona and Kuhlman presented price ranges for Post Office
boxes depending on the size and location from anywhere for $15.00 up to $45.00. Mr.
Kuhlman said he thought his PO Box at the Post office was around $230.00 a year.
President Martin asked Counsel if we had a P.O. Box, how would that effect our noticing
to the public or if we used Supervisors Jeffries office how would that effect noticing or
basically anywhere how would it affect the noticing. Director Corona interjected at this
point that she had also tried to research Supervisor Chuck Washington’s district locationin French Valley to discuss potential available office space but the office never
responded. The purpose for the interjection was that Supervisor Washington’s office
was suggested as an alternate location in the last meeting and someone was asked to
look into the possibilities.
Director Nelson indicated that she felt that a PO Box would be better since it would how
more of a separation between County and the Board. District Counsel indicated that one
difficulty would come if someone needed to speak directly with the office manager and
to have an actual physical place to serve something. He indicated that he did not see an
issue with Supervisor Jeffries offices so there was a physical address and is staffed
Monday through Friday 8-5 and would be willing to take any messages or information
that was received. And for the interim the District would have a location and storage
until final arrangements were made.
Director Long objected and following is the transcript from this point in the meeting:
Vicki Long:
Wow. I need to speak up. I don’t think that’s a great idea. We’re
supposed to be arm’s length after they – and it states it in 9314,
that we’re supposed to be arm’s length and after they appoint us
and I don’t know how we can say we’re arm’s length when we’re
acting like we’re a commission in the county. We’re not and so we
need a physical address. What we used to do – it seems like we’re
just going back to the battle days of EMA where files got lost, we
got stuck in people’s houses where we never got them out, that’s
why I built the files because former board members had either lost
them or we never got them from their houses.
So, that’s why we ended up getting an office. We did have
someone who worked for us for a while when we could afford it and
I think we need to be separate. We also had our checks stored at
the bank in a safety deposit bank – box, so that our checks were
safe and we took great lengths to try and make sure that all of the
district files and checks and things that really need to be protected
for the state – we’re a state agency. We’re not part of the county
and we need to remain separate.
Danny Martin: I recall before – looking in the past minutes before you have the
Palomar office, you had a Post Office box at Clinton Keith and then
you had storage – was it in your home?
Pam Nelson: It was a storage facility. Yeah, we kept our files there.
Danny Martin: So, if we use that place as a storage facility and had a P.O. or sent
the mail for notices to one of the supervisor’s office – I don’t
personally have a problem with that, as long as it’s free.Rose Corona: Can I ask the –
Danny Martin: Sure.
Rose Corona: – the district council’s – is there an issue with mail going to –?
Greg Priamos: I looked at 9314, I don’t see anything within section 9314 which
would otherwise preclude that. In regard to the supervisors appoint
the director’s; county council by statute is district council –
Vickie Long: Well I would disagree. I’ve been reading through statutes and
talking to another attorney, so I’m really –
Rick N: I think the councilor has the floor.
Vickie Long: You’re not a board member. Would you just let me –
Danny Martin: Vicki, let Greg – you’re out of order Vicki let her talk –
let him talk. I want to hear what he says.
Vickie: And then I’m going to put something on record.
Greg Priamos: Going back to what I was saying, I don’t see anything in Public
Resources code 9314 which would otherwise preclude us from
accepting the district board – from accepting the supervisor’s offer
to have a physical address location at his Lake Elsinore office to
receive mail or to receive phone calls. I don’t see anything here.
As we know, the County Board of Supervisors appoint the
members of the district board in the event the Board of Supervisors
does not make the appointment within 60 days, then it’s left to the
discretion of the board to make that appointment under public
research this code – County Council’s office acts as District
Council. As you know some time ago we were District Council and
several County Counsels ago they declined to continue providing
that service.
We have been asked by the Supervisors to provide that service and
that’s what came to the Board before they appointed us as District
Council. So, I don’t see anything. I’m happy to look in to this
further, to research the issue. We can always check with the state
to see if they have any particularized objection over the site and
provision of law, which would otherwise not allow that to occur. I’mcertainly willing to make that inquiry so that the board is
comfortable with the decision and we can report back at the next
Vicki Long:
I think that would be prudent to do that too and so what I’m
concerned about is that we’re supposed to be a separate district. If
our mail is going to Supervisor Jeffries office, we’re not very
separate and if it’s a separate office from his and a separate
number, I think that would be fine if they want to pay the rent for us.
I also have a concern about all the money that we’re spending on
the district from the taxpayers. We’re not doing this for other
districts. So, I think we need to be separate even if we have to use
the storage unit and if we have to use the P.O. Box again or what it
is – one of the mail place boxes where you have an independent
I just think because we’re a state agency it’s just a better thing for
us to do.
Danny Martin: Actually, we’re a special district and what taxpayer dollars are you
referring too?
Vicki Long: Well, we’re getting Greg and Melissa for free and if we’re getting an
office for free, who’s paying for that? We’re not. So, I have a real
problem with all the training we’ve been through in the past and the
way we have been at our meetings for state meetings is that we’re
supposed to be separate.
Danny Martin: We are separate.
Vicki Long: Well we are but if you have the same address as the Supervisor’s,
it’s not very separate. So, and if they’re getting our mail and they’re
answering our phones, how’s that separate?
Rose Corona: Well the phone could be a Google phone – or a Google voicemail.
Danny Martin: What’s that?
Female Speaker: We have it at the ranch – not at the ranch but for –
Rick N: It’s an IP phone.
Rose Corona: Yeah, an IP phone.
Greg Priamos: Like I said, I’m happy to look into it further but I think in light of the
fact that the County Board of Supervisors provides a significantlevel of assistance to the district as provided by 9418 in the form of
services provided by the county council’s office without cost and in
talk with my colleagues around the state, it’s not uncommon for
County Council’s office to act as council to the research
conservation districts and in my survey I could not find anybody
who actually charged a specific cost. It was done free to the
Vicki Long:
Greg Priamos:
Are we the only district in Riverside or are you doing it for other
people too?
We’re doing it for the Coachella Valley Research Conservation
District and for Elsinore-Murrieta-Anza.
Vicki Long: So the two districts and do they pay anything to you in Coachella?
Greg Priamos: Coachella, we have a contract with them for services because they
have a tax base and they have an income of I think $150,000 a
year. So the first six months of all of our work, we did not charge
them and since then it’s really sporadic that we’re asked to do
anything. All our work was up front, like it is here. We spent a lot
of time at the front end and so in the end I would imagine we’ll end
up billing Coachella Valley less than $1000 – $2000 a year. So, it’s
really going to be minimal and those are the only two districts we’ve
been asked [inaudible] [00:39:43] advisors to assist as District
Vicki Long: Now they have their own separate office or are they in Supervisor
Benoit’s office?
Greg Priamos: I believe they own their own building.
Vicki Long: Okay.
Greg Priamos: As I said, I’m happy to look into it and talk to the state and report
back at the next meeting. “
President Martin made a motion that he would recommend that we take Supervisor
Jeffries office as an interim move unless there is a conflict at the state level. If so, the
District will get a PO Box and pay for that. Director Corona seconded the motion.
Director Long interjected a question about the website and how people would get in
touch with the district. President Martin said that her request was not on the agenda but
we would look into the Google Voice information and possibly forward our original
phone number to that number if possible.President Martin called for a vote. Motion passed 4-0(Martin, Corona, Kuhlman and
Nelson-yes Long-no) President Martin wanted it noted for the record that there were 4
Ayes and Vicki Long voted no.
Director Corona brought for the information she collected regarding the cost of
transcription which could range anywhere from $1.10 up to $2.00 a minute depending
upon number of speakers on the audio, length and specifics that the District would ask
for. The difference in cost has to do with where the transcription is being done. If it is
overseas, it is sometimes difficult for the transcriber to understand American slang so it
may not get translated exactly how it is meant but it is cheaper. There is a company in
Orange County called GMR that was interviewed by Ms. Corona and they seem to
understand the needs of Board meeting transcription and the nuances of American
slang. GMR was used to transcribe the last two meetings minutes at no cost to the
Board as an experiment. Director Corona indicated however, that it is strictly up to the
board and if the information is transcribed and then the public knows everything that’s
going on in these meetings and they can read them and if they need access to them
they can get them.
President Martin asked if we would then have both a transcript and a tape. Director
Corona indicated yes but she was not sure how long the information needed to be kept.
District Counsel indicated that he believed they needed to be kept for 90 days and once
the minutes were complete then the audio could be destroyed. If someone asks for the
recording the District can charge whatever the cost is for the actual cost of recording or
the thumb drive or disc. President Martin asked Director Long if a thumb drive would be
acceptable for the audio she was asking for and she indicated that was acceptable.
President Martin indicated he felt that paying to have a transcript would provide a good
service to the public and provide any new board member coming in with a good
background on what had gone on in the District before their arrival or for information
that the general public may want.
Director Corona indicated that the last transcription was under $100.00 and that she felt
it wasn’t worth any of the board members time to have to create minutes on their own
which she didn’t feel was a good use of Board Director’s time. Director Kuhlman felt
that the detail in transcription also prevented any kind of omission of information and
that it was a great idea.
District Counsel added that the transcription company could provide the District with an
electronic file so it could also be put on the website so anyone could access the minutes
as well as the agendas so they ultimately could all be online. The actual tapes would be
discretionary toput online however once the minutes were made part of the record and approved they
would be kept on the website for public information and access.
President Martin mad a motion to budget in the transcription information and make
recordings available to anybody. He also indicated to provide Director Long with the
information and a bill for the cost of the thumb drive.
Director Corona asked for clarification on the audio recording and whether they are
required to be provided immediately or after they are passed into the record. Associate
Director asked if the requests needed to be in writing and Counsel said that it was up to
the discretion of the Board.
Director Nelson asked about the different ways minutes were prepared in different
boards she had been on. She asked how many, as a rule, were verbatim as opposed to
action type minutes where there is a bit of a discussion and then action. District
Counsel replied that it depended on District.
President Martin asked to readdress the motion on the table to approve the budget for
transcription of the minutes. Director Kuhlman seconded the motion. Call for vote.
Motion passed 3-2 (Martin, Kuhlman, Corona-yes, Nelson, Long-no)
Item 5-Bank Accounts and Signatures
President Martin asked about a few bills that needed paying and Director Corona
indicated that Randy Feeney said there were two from Live Oak Associates that needed
to be paid. President Martin indicated that those had been agreed to be paid in the July
meeting for Greer Ranch and Adeline Farms but they needed to have two signatures.
Director Long interjected regarding a clarification on her blasting and perimeters
regarding the Brown Act. Following is the transcript from this portion of the meeting:
Vicki Long: They were on Friday and I need a clarification on my blasting. I got emails
back saying it was not okay for me to blast the information. When I went to the bank, I
asked them the previous Friday – the following Friday after our meeting I had asked the
Board if they had gone down – specifically Rose and Dave, if they’d put their paperwork
in and when I got there the following day, the paperwork was not there. So, I then on
Saturday morning sent out a very detailed – short but detailed email and got back
emails saying that it was a violation of the Brown Act.
So, when I have information to blast to the Board, can I do that? I used to do that as
President as long as I just give information.
Greg Priamos:
It depends on whether it’s a one communication which you’re
simply providing information, much like putting together the agendaand pushing it out to the group saying here’s the agenda for the
next meeting. If there is any reply to all, that’s where the problem
comes and then there’s the discussion outside of a noticed public
meeting in which discussion occurs on any matter that’s within the
subject matter jurisdiction of the Board and that’s where the
problem –
Vicki Long: If I continue to blast to the whole Board just information and that’s
Greg Priamos: Yes.
Vicki Long: Okay.
Greg Priamos: The trouble comes when you push for a reply to all, that’s the
Pam Nelson: And I think the Board was instructed not to do that.
Greg Priamos: Right and we talked about that –
Vicki Long: There was obviously some confusion.
Greg Priamos: We just don’t want to do that.
Vicki Long: Because now I want to start sending any electronic SAWA
information that I have.
Greg Priamos: Right. If it’s an FYI and you’re not asking them for decisions and
you’re not asking for comment and you’re just sending those one
way communication, that’s fine but that’s where we need to stop.
Vicki Long: Because I got two replies back saying I was violating the Brown
Greg Priamos: Yeah but if there is something though that you believe or any
member believes warrants discussion then what I would suggest
you do is contact the President and say, “Could you please put this
on the next agenda for discussion.” So, then we get it on the
agenda and then it’s discussed at the meeting and that information
can be sent as part of the packet.
Vicki Long: Well because this was information that needed to be sent out
immediately, I didn’t want to wait for another Board meeting. So, Idid send out what had happened and occurred at that meeting and
then since then – just because we’re talking about the bank issues,
this is on the agenda – I called the bank to find out if the paperwork
had gone in and indeed there was paperwork there and so Pam
and I are now off the account officially and I went down on last
Friday to get that taken care of, once all the paperwork was in
I think there was a misunderstanding. It wasn’t that I could just take
my name off of the accounts, I actually had to put people on the
accounts and until the paperwork was in there, the bank couldn’t do
anything. I mean, I made –
Danny Martin:
So you took yourself out of it –
Rose Corona:
And my paperwork was in. They have the profile and that was what
I was trying to explain to you last week. My –
Vicki Long: Well they have mine too. I have a lot of money involve in Wells
Fargo but it’s a different account and it has to be differently
Rose Corona: As I said, mine was in and my direction was from the people at
Wells Fargo – the manager there, that’s what he told me.
Vicki Long: So from now on if I blast out, I’ll just put on the bottom...do not
Greg Priamos: Please do not reply to all.” (End of Transcript at this point in the
District Counsel went on to suggest that at the end of each meeting that the President
go around the table and ask if anyone has anything to add to the agenda for the next
meeting and put it off until the next meeting and discuss it then.
The Board then moved back to the discussion of the checks and bills of Live Oak and
asked which checking account this got paid out of. Following is the transcription of the
meeting from this point forward:Vicki Long: It comes out of the general account and refunded from the Union
Bank checking account because it’s on those easements and the
work’s been done, so the general fund – we always pay our checks
out of the general fund.
Danny Martin: That’s the Union account?
Vicki Long: No. The general fund is our Wells Fargo.
Danny Martin: Okay.
Vicki Long: And it’s the one that’s 2226 and out of that general fund, the bills
are paid always out of that and then they’re reimbursed. If it’s for
easements, they’re reimbursed from the Union checking account,
so money is then transferred over Wells Fargo to reimburse that
Danny Martin: So there are the CD accounts at Union Bank and they feed into the
Union Bank checking account and then that checking account goes
to the Wells Fargo.
Vicki Long: Well only to pay those bills that are related to those easements.
Danny Martin: Those two?
Vicki Long: Yes. It can legally come out of those endowments. Those
endowments can only pay for the work of those easements.
Rose Corona: Is there a reason why the checking account at Union Bank can’t be
a checking account to pay for those specific easements?
Vicki Long: Having one general fund is the best way to do it instead of having
two type general funds because that way it doesn’t get confused
and you don’t co-mingle money. You’re actually keeping everything
that’s interest rolled into that checking account –
Rose Corona: Which one?
Vicki Long: – and you trace that – the one at Union –
Rose Corona: Okay.
Vicki Long: That can be traced back to those endowments and it’s kind of
separate. That money, like I said before, is really kind of not our
money. That’s money that belongs to those easements, Army Corp
and it’s not be used only on those, so if you have it that way it’s realclear how the money got transferred from those bills instead of
things coming out. Because you’ll have two general funds and you
only want one general fund.
Danny Martin: Let me ask you – on the Wells Fargo there’s like a $98,000
Vicki Long: That’s mitigation money.
Danny Martin: For?
Vicki Long: Cal Fish and Wild Life.
Danny Martin: Is it –?
Vicki Long: For that land that we set aside that we need to put the deed
restriction on.
Danny Martin: That is the Clinton Keith Property? How is that funded?
Vicki Long: Through Cal Fish and Wild Life.
Danny Martin: They gave us that money? What did they give us – the Board got
money – what year was that?
Vicki Long: Different years.
Danny Martin: Different years. I’m just trying to figure this all out.
Dave Kuhlman: When was the first time that they gave us money?
Vicki Long: I don’t know. I’d have look at the paperwork
Rose Corona: It’s not on the agenda-
District Counsel asked for a clarification on the follow-up on the disposition of the
furniture. Counsel wanted to clarify that the negotiations with the tenant would happen
and that they would be taking over the leased space. President Martin indicated that
they would also want to buy the furniture. Counsel indicated that since the resolution
for the Board was prepared that the Board dispose of the furniture for valuable
consideration. Deputy Counsel Cushman indicated that the real estate people wanted
everything but a couple of items, 2 four door cabinets and the scanner/copier andcomputers. So all remaining furniture was listed on the inventory and the real estate
office wanted it all for $1,000.00.
Director Nelson asked about the large copier and wanted to know if it could be donated.
President Martin indicated that he spoke with SAWA Executive Director Hugh Wood
and he did not want the copier back.
President Martin made a motion to approve the resolution to sell the furniture in
Resolution 2015-04. Seconded by Director Corona seconded. Motion passed 5-0.
Next meeting would be September 10 th , 2015 at 4:00 pm
Motion to adjourn by President Martin, seconded by Director Corona. Motion passed 5-
Meeting adjourned: 5:50pm
End of audio-Duration: 65 minutes.