Temecula-Elsinore-Anza-Murrieta Resource Conservation District
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Thursday, May 13, 2021 4:00 pm
Truax Building
41923 Second Street, Fourth Floor
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Temecula-Elsinore-Anza-Murrieta Resource Conservation District

Regular Board Meeting

Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 4:00 PM

Via Teleconference

Per Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-25-20


Call to Order, 4:00 p.m., meeting recorded by Rose Corona

Roll Call/Establish a Quorum

Directors Present: Rose Corona (President), Randy Feeney (Director), Lisa Battiato (Director), Stacy Kuhns (Director), Newt Parkes (Director)

Directors Absent: None

Associate Directors Present: Rick Neugebauer

Associate Directors Absent: None

Office Manager: Deborah Getty – Present

District Counsel: Ward Simmons, Best, Best & KriegerPresent

Natural Resources Conservation District (NRCS): Robert Hewitt – Absent

Guest Speakers:  Lance Anderson, Mission RCD


Public Guests: Teri Biancardi, Mary McKenna Lanier and Ankur Patel from Meadowview Community, Pam Nelson, Jonathan Snapp-Cook

Approval of Agenda

President Corona called for a motion to approve the agenda as presented with the addition of Lance Anderson to provide comments on the CDFA Bio Integrated Farming Grant after the swearing in of Newt Parkes. Director Battiato moved and Director Feeney seconded.  Motion passed unanimously 4-0.






President Corona called for a motion to approve the consent calendar, financials, and correspondence and Director Battiato moved and Director Feeney seconded.  Motion passed unanimously 4-0




Item 1: Appointment and Swearing in of new Board Director Newt Parkes.

Mr. Parkes raises his right hand, President Corona and Newt Parkes recite the Office of Oath and Director Parkers is officially sworn into office.  


Item 2: Discussion of the CDFA Bio Integrated Farming grant.

Lance Anderson with Mission RCD explains that this grant is one that comes and goes based on need. With the loss of Chlorpyrifos, which is primarily used for controlling ants, there is a need for the renewal of this program in a variety of different crops, wine grapes being one of them. They are looking for more natural means to deal with the pest pressures and things that come with the loss of this chemical.  Wilson Creek reached out to Lance and Mission RCD and with this request, the first thought was to get TEAM RCD on board. This might be a good opportunity for TEAM RCD to have a role with some of the admin. It’s a three (3) year grant with an overall budget of $800,000.  There is somewhere in the neighborhood of $68,000 per year that could come to TEAM RCD to provide administrative support.  General discussion to clarify timing on when the grant would be announced which is October. No motion necessary.

Item 3: Review and further discussion of Phase 2 of the Meadowview Project.

General discussion and review that plans for this project are in draft form.  Review of NRCS budget as copied to the packet and provided by NRCS. President Corona remarks that the budget submitted by NRCS is approximately $216.000, half of which NRCS will cover in cost.  The remainder is still needed would need to be covered by Meadowview either through their own funds or funds obtained by Grants. President Corona asks Ms. Biancardi about the additional $70,000 mentioned in an e-mail that would be  under Meadowview’s responsibility.  Ms. Biancardi responds that it would be more like $100,000.00 additional needed.  She says that the costs are a moving target and they have not nailed all the specifics down.  The President also asked Jonathon Snapp-Cook from Fish and Wildlife how much they were contributing to the project.  Mr. Snapp-Cooke responded by saying approximately $15,000 of contribution with help with permitting etc.  Ms. Biancarcardi mentions they are on a tight time frame and could the Board tell her when she could expect an answer.  The President responded that the sub-committee needed to see more concrete numbers in order to see what else they would need to make a decision. If an additional meeting was necessary then that would be arranged but at the moment, there could be no answer as to when we would be able to let the HOA until we saw more concrete information. Mary Lanier with Meadowview HOA asked 2 questions regarding the scour analysis and a hydrology study which were questions that the sub-committee had forwarded to the HOA.  Rick Neugebauer responded by saying that he wasn’t asking if they had one only if one had been done. The sub-committees interest was on the basis of knowing what information was available in the event of large 100 year flood in order to know that the project was only doing something once rather than have to do it over in coming years which would cost more money.   Mary Lanier said she would go back to Teri and the original phase to get us more information.

Item 4: Discussion and potential approval of Mitigation Bank grant.

Director Neugebauer provides comment that this grant would be more than TEAM RCD can do at this time and not feasible.  President Corona comments on Rancho Water already having a mitigation bank at Vail Lake and that the Board of TEAM RCD is not inclined to be competing with other sister agencies and that this is huge undertaking involving millions of dollars.   Pam Nelson provides comment on the need for the Watershed and why she had brought the topic forward.  Director Battiato expressed concern that without staff that we would be unable to keep it moving forward or provide any momentum. No motion necessary. 

Item 5: Discussion and potential approval of proposed 2020/2021 Budget.

General review and discussion of proposed budget. President Corona recaps minimal difference in year to year due to water audits and CropSwap income coming in lower than budgeted and adjusting those numbers for the 2020/2021 fiscal year.  President Corona moves to approve the 2020/2021 budget as presented, Director Battiato seconds. Motion passed unanimously 5-0

 Item 6: Election of Officers.

Director Kuhns motions to nominate Rose Corona for President, Director Battiato seconds. Motion passed unanimously 4-0.

President Corona motions to nominate Stacy Kuhns for Vice President, Director Neugebauer seconds. Motion passed unanimously 4-0.

Director Neugebauer motions to nominate Newt Parkes for Secretary-Treasurer, President Corona seconds.  Motion passed unanimously 4-0.



Item 1: Update on Homeless Task Force.

Director Parkes reports that based on monitoring reports coming in from SAWA as of February one of the projects in Temecula had a homeless encampment. This has since been taken care of with no new encampments to report through the month of May. No motion necessary. 

.Item 2: Discussion and update CDFW cannabis program.

Director Kuhns reports that there hasn’t been much activity. She and Rose Corona had a conference call with Jeff Brandt from Fish and Wildlife. She also has a message into the AG Commissioner to try and have a seat at the table with Fish and Wildlife, Sheriff’s Department and Code Enforcement. No motion necessary.

 Item 3: Update and discussion on flood control projects.

President Corona reports that these are on not moving forward until nesting season is over. No motion necessary.

Item 4: Update and discussion on AEIP and CropSwap reports.

Director Battiato reports that she has developed a list of survey questions to contact the CropSwap participants about.  They were ran by Justin at Rancho Water which he approved. Once this information is gathered, she will summarize for review at the July meeting. She is brainstorming on how to get the information out and would like to look to showcase on our website. No motion necessary.

Item 5: Update and discussion on Adeline Farms and decision on monies to be allocated to enhance the easement.

President Corona reports Mandy Parkes was going to provide numbers for some work in Adeline Farms and was unable to do so prior to this meeting.  No motion necessary. 







Bob Hewitt not present.






With no further business, President Corona made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Director Parkes seconded. Motion passed unanimously 5-0. Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.