Temecula-Elsinore-Anza-Murrieta Resource Conservation District
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Thursday, May 13, 2021 4:00 pm
Truax Building
41923 Second Street, Fourth Floor
Temecula, CA 92590


Elsinore-Murrieta-Anza Resource Conservation District

Regular Board Meeting

Thursday, November 12, 2015 – 4:00 p.m.

Truax Building

41923 Second Street, Fourth Floor

Temecula, CA 91590


Items may be added to the Agenda in accordance with §54954.2(b)(2) of the Government code (Brown Act), upon a determination by a two-thirds vote of the members of the legislative body present at the meeting, or, if less than two-thirds of the members are present, a unanimous vote of those members present, that there is a need to take immediate action and that the need for action came to the attention of the Elsinore-Anza-Murrieta Resource Conservation District after the agenda was posted.


Call to Order – Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call/Establish a Quorum

Approval of Agenda

Public Comment

Any person may address the Board at this time upon any subject not identified on this Agenda but within the jurisdiction of the Elsinore-Anza-Murrieta Resource Conservation District. Please note that for items not listed on the agenda, the Brown Act imposes limitations on what the Board may do at this time. The Board may not take action on the item at this meeting. As to matters on the Agenda, persons will be given an opportunity to address the Board when the matter is considered. If you wish to speak during public comment, please fill out a “Speaker Request Form” and give it to the Board Secretary. When the Board President calls your name, please immediately begin by giving your name and address for the record. Each speaker will be given three (3) minutes to address the Board.


Consent Calendar items are expected to be routine and non-controversial, to be acted upon by the Board at one time without discussion. All items appearing on the Consent Calendar may be disposed of by a single motion. Items shall be removed from the Consent Calendar if any member of the Board of Directors, staff member, or interested person requests removal prior to a vote on a motion to approve the items. Such items shall be considered separately for action by the Board. by the Board.

    1. Consider Approval of Minutes of the Board of Directors Regular Meeting of October 8, 2015

    2. Consider Approval for current bills, reimbursements, and August, September and October 2015 Financials

    1. Current Bills: Paid

    1. Van Lant & Fankhanel-Quarterly payment

    2. ISC International-Monthly Server Fee

    1. Bills to be paid or reimbursements

    1. Vicki Long refund for overcharge of thumb drive-$1.62

    2. Glennies Office Products invoices-Total-$159.04

    3. Big Horse Feed-Reimbursement-Transcription/Office Supplies/Copies-$657.33

    4. California Special Districts Association-Dues-$149.00

    5. Riverside Corona RCD- $2985.00 for Water Audit Management

3.Consider approval of August, September and October 2015 Financials


    1. EDA-Surplus Land Notification-4.84 acres of Land for sale in Aguanga

    2. City of Murrieta-Notice of Public Review for intent to adopt a mitigated negative declaration-Proposed project for a 412 seat restaurant on the north side of Murrieta Hot Springs Rd east of Alta Murrieta Road.

    3. City of Lake Elsinore-Public hearing – Proposed Wal-Mart Super-Center located at the Southwest Corner of Central Avenue and Cambern Avenue in Lake Elsinore.

    4. Copy of Resignation letter from the Board of Pam Nelson dated Sept. 9, 2015

    5. Copy of Leaving Office Form-Pam Nelson-Dated 11/6/2015

    6. Copy of Appointment and Oath of Office for Director Carol Brady

    7. Signed contract to Nigro and Nigro for annual audit.

    8. Copy of letters to Accounting firms Cox, Valdez and Silbermann and Van Lant and Fankhanel requesting information for annual audit

    9. Union Bank notifications of change of address

    10. Final letter from Kathee Smith, former landlord, indicated that effective Aug. 28,2015 EMARCD was released from the further obligation to the original office lease due to expire May 31, 2016.

    11. E-mail from Justin Haessly of RCWD, regarding ag irrigation system audits for EMARCD

    12. USPS proposed Shipping Product changes notification

    13. Union Bank CD Disclosure statement-Cover sheet only provided however complete information available upon request in files.

    14. Correspondence from Tax Collector Lainie Smith-Thorngate to County Counsel confirming EMARCD owes no taxes on Clinton Keith Property and that they are the responsibility of the former owner.


    1. Discussion potential consolidation with RCRCD-Melissa Cushman

    2. Discussion and update of TEAM RCD name change

    1. Resolution

    2. EMARCD 1600 permits-Rick Neugebauer/Melissa Cushman

    3. Federal ID-

    1. Discussion of Change of Address to P.O. Box

    1. Discussion and possible approval change of address. Discussion and potential approval of $80/year annual payment for PO Box

    1. Discussion of Server –Randy Feeney

    1. Discussion of $300/year annual payment rather than monthly payments

    2. Approval of annual payment for one full year of server service

    3. Discussion and possible approval of option that provides up to 25 “.org” email addresses (Directors, Associate Directors, and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. among possibilities) for $600/year ($50.00 per month) annual payment and individual .org addresses for all members. google voice

    4. Discussion of adoption of policy for e-mail use

    1. Discussion and possible approval to pay for all past audio tapes to be transcribed and put in files for ease of public access.

    2. Discussion of policy for deadlines for agenda item submittal for Board Meetings.

    3. Reminder that all Form 700’s must be in to Clerk of the Board

    1. Discussion as to potential policy outline and proper procedure for submission. Cannot be e-mailed although you may do so to let her know that the original is in the mail to her Hard copy with original signatures are to be sent to:

Cheryl Marinos-SEI Filing Officer

Riverside County Clerk of the board

P.O. Box 1147

Riverside, CA 92502-1147

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you need to contact her directly please feel free to contact her at 951-955-1302.


    1. Discussion of pending contracts with HOAs for Fuel Maintenance work on the Bear Creek, Fairway Estates, and Country Club Villas projects under the direction of the EMARCD (scope and/or other clarifications)-Rick Neugebauer, Melissa Cushman

    2. Discussion of the Proposed Benton Channel Agreement-Danny Martin/Rick Neugebauer.

    3. Discussion of MOU with the City of Murrieta Mitigation-Rick Neugebauer

    4. EMARCD website status-Randy Feeney

    5. Discussion of Cloud accounting using QuickBooks-Carol Brady

    6. California Fish and Wildlife Due Diligence Requirements for Mitigation Endowments-Update- Danny Martin/County Counsel



1. District Counsel Melissa Cushman and/or Gregory P. Priamos

2. EMARCD Director Reports Open

3. Associate Director Reports Open

4. SAWA/Fire Safe Reports Rick Neugebauer, Representative


    1. Presentation on December 10, 2015 by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. 15-20 minute presentation each.

    2. Kerwin Russell-Presentation RCRCD-December 10,2015

    3. Discussion and update and possible approval, adding Tamarisk Removal to Annual Plan-2015-16



Upon request, this agenda will be made available in appropriate alternative formats to persons with disabilities, as required by §202 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Any person with a disability who requires a modification or accommodation on order to participate in a meeting should direct such request to the District at least 48 hours before the meeting, if possible.