Temecula-Elsinore-Anza-Murrieta Resource Conservation District
Next Meeting
Thursday, February 11, 2021 4:00 pm
Truax Building
41923 Second Street, Fourth Floor
Temecula, CA 92590



Temecula-Elsinore-Anza-Murrieta Resource Conservation District

Regular Board Meeting

Thursday, November 9, 2017 4:15 PM

Truax Building

41923 Second Street, Fourth Floor

Temecula, CA 92590


Call to Order, 4:00 p.m., meeting recorded by Rose Corona

Flag Salute

Roll Call/Establish a Quorum

Directors Present: Rose Corona (President); Carol Lee Brady, Judy Guglielmana. Dave Kuhlman-Absent

Directors Absent: Michael Newcomb-Absent

Associate Directors: Rick Neugebauer, Randy Feeney

District Counsel Absent: Tawny Lieu, Greg Priamos

Office Manage Present:

Natural Resources Conservation District (NRCS) Absent: Bob Hewitt

Guest Speakers: Non present

Public Guests: Myra Garcia, Angel Garcia, Dave McElroy

Approval of Agenda

President Corona called for a motion to approve the agenda; Director Guglielmana moved and director Carol Lee Brady seconded. Call for vote. Motion passed 3-0.




Dave McElroy submitted Speaker Request Form in order to comment on a professional facilitator to help develop a plan for the future. The facilitator’s name is Bill Long. Mr. Long encouraged every board member and associate to be as active as possible in the development of the plan.



President Corona asked for public comments; there were none. She then called for a motion to approve the Consent Calendar, all Correspondence and General Information.

Director Brady so moved; Director Guglielmana seconded. Call for vote. Motion passed 3-0.


Item 1: President Corona requested we move on to action items. Discussion in potential approval of the funding agreement between FVS partners, and Team RCD for conservation and easement management at the Benton Channel regarding the French Valley south tentative track 30837 project. Letter that was sent to Mr. Osmundson of Helix Environment Planning, Jason Keller of Mission Pacific, and FVS Partner listing all items counsel needed to agree on. Items were passed at the last meeting. Items needing to be approved are now in the hands of FVS partners and Mission Pacific.

President Corona had a conversation with Karl Osmundson asking the date of when they can get us the $90,000 out to March 1st. The request was made because everyone agreed no work would be going on in the Benton Channel until after April 1st.

President Corona stated it is now incumbent upon them to get this signed, and executed. If any further extensions are requested, we will need approval from CDFW and from the Army Corp. Neugebauer commented we will not be doing any work until nesting season anyway. President Corona agreed and commented no physical work can be done in the Channel before that time.

Item 2: Discussion of duties the Office Manager will be handling for ongoing projects. Dave McElroy has handed in his resignation for his position as office manager. President Corona commented the procedures regarding water audits will proceed the same way and then forwarded to Lance at Mission to handle the appointments. Catherine the book keeper will continue to do the billing and grant obligations. She will have help from Inland empire Resource Conservation district on the grant work.


President Corona mentioned she will be seeking a temporary administrative assistant to help for now, but will need to fill the job eventually. Mandy and Jen will assist in coming up with a job description.

Item 3: Discussion and potential approval to move January meeting to special meeting date of January 18, 2018 due to the President Corona being out of town during the regular meeting time. President Corona made a motion to move our regular meeting to a special meeting on the 18th of January.. President Corona made a motion to follow protocol for the January meeting well in advance. President Corona moved to change the December meeting because she needs to give Bernie’s office enough warning of the change in case there is a conflict.

Director Guglielmana seconds the motion. Call for a vote. Motion passed 3-0.



Item 1: Discussion and update on MOU with the RCA, Regional Conservation Authority and Team RCA. President Corona asked to clarify if Jonathan Ingram is the Vice Chair of RCA. Rick Neugebauer confirms. President Corona confirms she has signed the MOU that had gone through the board. Melissa and the general council has also signed it. The only one who has not is Charles Landry who is the Executive Director of RCA.

President Corona said she called Ward Simmons who is the General Counsel for RCA. Basically, this is stating RCA is looking to be equal and indemnified. Simmons stated that because he has already signed it, it gives us the ability to work with them. He has already signed this on the vote of the board ad is already a done deal until Charles Landry signs. It is a five-year MOU. It would be signed to be removing Adeline Farms from this. If we decide later that we want to add Adeline into their MSHCP we can. Start date is2010 and the end date is 2079.

Item 2: Discussion and update on crop swap and water audits.

President Corona states there is not much to report on.

Item 3: Update on Compilation 2016-2017 to include letter and information for the Districts Financial Transactions Report.

President Corona states she received a standard letter from Betty Yee regarding transaction reports. It comes with the compilation or the audit. Catherine needs to get a few items to them, but other than that, it looks good. Hopefully a draft will be submitted next week. President Corona makes a motion that if there are nothing but minor changes that the President be allowed to sign the compilation to get it sent off to the various agencies that require it. Brady seconds the motion.

Motion passed 3-0.

Item 4: Discussion and update on Biological Reporting and Monitoring. Rick Neugebauer states the reports are being created

Item 5: Discussion of Monitoring and Maintenance Agreement with DR Horton from 2010.

The scope of services were to be an annual inspection and removal of trash and man-made debris from the project of conservation easement area, quarterly inspection of the signage and notification features denoting the conservation easement area and provide notification as necessary to the developer as designated in the event the signage and notification features need to be repaired or replaced. Quarterly inspections of the exclusionary fencing that separates the development areas from the conservation easement area and provides notification as necessary to the developer in the event the fencing needs to be repaired or replaced.

Restoration needs to be accomplished under the guidelines of a qualified biological monitor, pursuant to a plan submitted to and approved by the Army corps of Engineers and US Fish and Wildlife Services for the requirements of the conservation easement. Then preparation of an annual report to the regional conservation authority.

The developer was to make quarterly payments starting in 2013. Endowment in three increments over three years. According to Laurie Correa at RCA they have been doing the maintenance but they were not receiving any compensation for it. Nobody knew what was going on so it was sent to the District Counsel. No answer back at this time. RCA has been cleaning it up and DR Horton has paid nothing but there is no report that has been done to CDFW. This will have to wait to be discussed until we have heard from the District Cousel.

President Corona states she is waiting for counsel to give her direction on Meadowview Restoration and the potential to invite Riverside-Corona to assist in review of plans for Meadowview Homeowners Association planting and restoration. This is outside the scope of our usual activities and it would be helpful to consult the experts at RCRCD and hopefully they will review our plans and give us advise on our planned power and where to source those plants as well as irrigation techniques. Also, the understanding is TRCB an invite them to help us with our project.

Neugebauer states he spoke with the president of the HOA over at Meadowview today before the meeting and she asked if RCRCD could come in and do the work. President Corona states no MOU with them so we can’t. SAWA has the crews to do the repair work that needs to be done. Flood control is going to go in and they are going to do the remedial work on grading. They will survey as well. SAWA will participate.


Item 1: Discussion and update of potential violations and the role of Team RCD in expediting and collaborating with agencies to expedite information. Email received from Jeff Bradt regarding a violation up in Murrieta and a piece of a parcel. Regarding Wendell Bugtai who is a systems coordinator for Juan Perez. Juan Perez is director TLMA and assistant CEO for the county. The CEO is George. Erica Ryan from the Regional Quality Water Board is in touch with him. Apparently the person who is in violation pushed 5,000 cubic yards of dirt into a Blue Line stream.

Another is the complaint on the piece of Monte de Oro and De Portola road, which is a future winery and hotel. Ben Drake who is an A contractor has been contacted. His concern is not that it touched the Blue Line creek; he is concerned about the habitat.

President Corona states we need to address projects that come at the request of the public or agencies.

Item 2: Discussion and potential approval to cancel the December Board Meeting.

President Corona made to move December Board meeting be cancelled and we go dark. Brady seconded the motion.

Motion passed 3-0.

Item3: Discussion and reminder for form 700’s, ethics Training and sexual Harassment Training.

New forms come out in January 2018. Training will be done online.

Item 4: Acceptance of resignation, Carol Lee Brady from the District Board

President Corona moves to accept the resignation.

Director Brady seconds.

Motion passed 3-0.




No reports




President Corona moved to adjourn, and Director Brady seconded. Call for vote. Motion passed 3-0.



Carol Lee Brady -Secretary/Treasurer Date