Temecula-Elsinore-Anza-Murrieta Resource Conservation District
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Thursday, February 11, 2021 4:00 pm
Truax Building
41923 Second Street, Fourth Floor
Temecula, CA 92590



Temecula-Elsinore-Anza-Murrieta Resource Conservation District

Regular Board Meeting

Thursday, October 12, 2017 4:00 PM

Truax Building

41923 Second Street, Fourth Floor

Temecula, CA 92590


Call to Order, 4:00 p.m., meeting recorded by Rose Corona

Flag Salute

Roll Call/Establish a Quorum

Directors Present: Rose Corona (President); Carol Lee Brady, Judy Guglielmana, David Kuhlman

Directors Absent: Michael Newcomb

Associate Directors Absent: Rick Neugebauer, Randy Feeney

District Counsel Absent: Tawny Lieu, Greg Priamos

Office Manage Present: Dave McElroy

Natural Resources Conservation District (NRCS) Absent: Bob Hewitt

Guest Speakers: Jonathan Ingram, Mayer Pro Temp, City of Murrieta; Erica Ryan, California Regional Water Quality Control – San Diego Region

Public Guests: Myra Garcia, Angel Garcia

Approval of Agenda

President Corona called for a motion to approve the agenda; Director Kuhlman moved and Director Guglielmana seconded. Call for vote. Motion passed 4-0.


President Corona asked for public comments; there were none. She then called for a motion to approve the Consent Calendar, all Correspondence and General Information.

Director Brady so moved; Director Guglielmana seconded. Call for vote. Motion passed 4-0.


Item 1: Erica Ryan, California Regional Water Quality Control – San Diego Region; Jonathan Ingram, Mayor Pro Temp, City of Murrieta

President Corona noted that Mayor Pro Temp Jonathan Ingram had requested to speak first; so she introduced the topic of the Resource Conservation District and RCA (Regional Conservation Authority) MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) and turned the floor over to him.

Mr. Ingram provided a background and his thoughts regarding entering into an MOU. As vice chair of the RCA, he has been involved with the group for the last 3 years on multiple levels. He noted that some RCA and RCD properties parallel or overlap each other, and contracting or working together would benefit both groups. He indicated that he wanted to address some concerns that had been raised by TEAM RCD’s District Counsel regarding the draft MOU.

President Corona pointed out that TEAM RCD’s District Counsel had comments regarding indemnification, and read from a highlighted document the section pertaining to that issue. Mr. Ingram responded with his opinion that the language drafted by TEAM RCD’s Counsel sounded standard. Director Brady asked Mr. Ingram if the RCA would be willing to accept and incorporate the proposed language into the MOU, assuming that their Counsel (BB&K) agreed. He affirmed that the revision would be acceptable to him.

President Corona requested that this item be addressed at this time (as agendized under Action Items for a motion); and noted that she would return to the second guest speaker after Mr. Ingram departed. There were no objections, questions or further discussion.

President Corona moved that TEAM RCD Board 1) accept the MOU with the minor change (incorporating indemnification language as drafted by District Counsel), and 2) acknowledge prior authorization for President Corona to accept any further minor changes and sign off without the requirement of an additional Board vote at a future meeting.

Director Brady seconded. Call for vote. Motion passed 4-0.

President Corona thanked Mr. Ingram, and prior to leaving the meeting he suggested that the two groups have quarterly updates. There was general discussion regarding scope and process.

President Corona then introduced Ms. Erica Ryan, Water Resource Control Engineer from the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board. Ms. Ryan opened by saying that she was attending the meeting as a representative of the water board and is the lead for the watershed plan currently under development for Santa Margarita River Watershed management area.

She provided an overview, offered TEAM RCD the opportunity to provide input during that development, and invited the Board to begin dialog to explore partnering on certain projects such as grants or activities in the context of the watershed plan. A goal she presented was to engage with TEAM RCD as well as other agencies to identify areas for partnership in projects such as funding to assist with pollution cleanup efforts related to the homeless situation. Ms. Ryan offered to follow up regarding identification of the locations of encampments to include in the watershed plan.

There was additional discussion regarding a supportive strategy for nutrient runoff from agricultural operations, HOAs and residential developments. President Corona noted that through MOUs with other agencies and cooperation with Fish & Wildlife, TEAM RCD can assist as a “bridge” that helps the Water Quality Control Board during the process of identifying areas and developing strategies. Ms. Ryan indicated that she would follow up with TEAM RCD to crosscheck the fully drafted plan.

There were no further questions, and President Corona thanked Ms. Ryan who then left the meeting.


Item 1: Discussion and update of MOU with Western Riverside County RCA

This item was previously addressed during Jonathon Ingram’s comments, and President Corona moved on to Old Business.


Item 1: Discussion of Crop Swap and Water Audits

Mr. McElroy referred a recap provided in the Board Packet, which reflected slowing activity in the past month, down to only one. There were no questions or discussion.

Item 2: Update on MOU with Rivers & Land Conservancy

Item 2: Discussion and update of MOU with Rivers & Land Conservancy

President Corona reported that TEAM RCD had received a signed MOU back from Rivers & Land Conservancy, and Mr. McElroy added that Rivers & Land had made some changes to the document. President Corona continued, saying that upon review by TEAM RCD’s District Counsel those changes were deemed unacceptable. President Corona will reach out to Rivers & Land to clarify, address and resolve this issue. The item will be brought back to the Board at the next meeting.

Item 3: Acceptance letter to Helix and Mission Pacific on Benton Channel & Item 4: Discussion and potential approval of Benton Channel Endowmet:

President Corona referenced a copy of the draft acceptance letter (provided in the Board packet) and reported that the revised scope of work needed approval from California Department of Fish & Wildlife (CDFW), and that their counsel will prepare an agreement (referenced in Special Condition #5 of the 404 permit.) She described the process of approvals by the various entities (FVS Partners LLC, Mission Pacific. Army Corps of Engineers, CDFW for agreement regarding liability and litigation provisions. She noted that 1) scope of work and 2) start date for commencement of work needed to be finalized, and proposed that a start date after 4/1/18 would be appropriate because that’s when TEAM RCD’s reports for 2017 are due to CDFW. Director Guglielmana concurred.

There were no further questions or discussion. President Corona moved that the Board take action to approve the funding agreement subject to revisions approved by District Counsel, and to authorize the Board President (Ms. Corona) to sign the funding agreement as approved with only minor changes if needed.

Director Kuhlman so moved; Director Brady seconded. Call for vote. Motion passed 4-0.


Item 1: SoCal Inland Region Area Meeting November 4, 2017 9:30 AM-2:30 PM Rancho Cucamonga

President Corona summarized the item and there was brief discussion regarding Directors’ schedules and availability to attend.


1. NCRS Bob Hewitt: Not present

2. TEAM RCD Director Reports Open:

Rose Corona: Nothing additional to report

David Kuhlman: Nothing to report

Carol Lee Brady: Nothing to report

Judy Guglielmana: Nothing to report

Michael Newcomb: Not present

3. Associate Director Reports Open:

Rick Neugebauer: Nothing to report

Randy Feeney: Nothing to report

4. SAWA/Fire Safe Reports: Not present

5. District Counsel, Gregory P. Priamos/Tawny Lieu: Not present

6. Office Manager Dave McElroy: Update on pond turtles – the person performing the survey left the position. The Nature Conservancy ended the contract with TEAM RCD. All data has been collected, and Nature Conservancy has indicated that they will find someone to complete the compilation of the study. Director Brady asked if the Nature Conservancy had documented release from responsibility, and President Corona confirmed that they had done so via email.




President Corona moved to adjourn, and Director Kuhlman seconded. Call for vote. Motion passed 4-0.


Carol Lee Brady -Secretary/Treasurer Date